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This is the take-off page for personal sites I have developed, online photo albums and home videos I have created. I also have a list of useful and fun links. I hope you enjoy.

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- Mark Williams

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Sites for All 

Two Senses - My first ever online photo album, designed and coded by me, including a story about my first backpacking (mis)adventure (with sound clips). Pics of jungle cats, landscapes, and train tunnel graffiti.

In Loving Memory - A site I helped my wife make to honor her close friend, Mischelle Johnson. Pictures and poems commemorate this wonderful young woman.

Wyoming Trip 2002 - A journal of our trip to western Wyoming, near and in the Wind River Range, as well as in Grand Teton National Park. If you are considering a trip out there, then by all means go. Links to pictures appear throughout the journal.

NJCAA Basketball National Championship 2004 - It's become a tradition to attend this event with my grandfather. It's about the most fun you can have in Hutchinson, KS, unless you're a major golf nut, and then it's Prairie Dunes Country Club. There are a couple of action shots from there, too.

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Private Sites 

If you are not a member of any of these groups, then these will not mean much to you. You're welcome to look if you want.

Heber Springs Class of 1989 Reunion - An online photo album and information await you.

AGS Class of 1990 Reunion - An online photo album for those who returned to Conway for the Arkansas Governor's School Reunion.

J.A. Fair High Class of 1991 Reunion - A collection of photos from the three events that momentous weekend.

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Just a place to put some videos for friends and/or family to download. May have to have a fairly recent version of Windows Media Player for these. Easiest to just right-click (or Apple-click?) and choose Save As.

Benjamin Ross Williams - The First Five Months (18mb) - A slideshow set to music. This is a big download, because I just didn't want to sacrifice the audio quality. I don't know how it will work if you try to just click and then choose "open", so you may need to right-click and choose "Save Target As..." to a spot on your computer where you can find it.

Benjamin - Five Through Eight Months (17.2mb) - Another slideshow set to music, but this one probably won't be a tearjerker. It's more upbeat. Have fun.

Ben Names his Face Parts (1.8mb) - I flip around the miniDV screen so Ben can see himself; he tells us all about what he sees.

Ball Talk with Ben (1.4mb) - We don't know what started Ben saying this, but there's no doubt he knows what it means. The other words? We have no clue. Maybe you could tell us.

Ben's 2nd Birthday Cake (4.9mb) - A three-minute music video of Ben having fun with his cake and one of those blower things (not the kind that makes noise).

Ben's 2nd Birthday Gifts and Bubbles (8.2mb) - A five-minute music video of Ben opening presents and blowing bubbles outside. He voices his opinion in this one.

Ben Waters (and does other things) (2.4mb) - This one has no music, but some good sound effects from Ben as he waters with an empty watering can, plays with his little golf bag, and blows bubbles. He wanted us to pull one of the balls out of the bag, but we didn't quite pick up on that at the time. Sorry, little fella.

Sites for All | Private Sites | Videos | Links


Various places to find information for business or leisure.

Google - Search the Web here.

Internet Movie Database - It lists current, past, and upcoming releases. Find who was in a movie, who directed it, goofs, quotes, and other trivia.

Babelfish Language Translator - Type or paste in a word or phrase, and Babelfish translates it to your chosen language.

HowStuffWorks - Wonder how something works? Whether it's science, automotive, home, or office, you probably will find it here.

Yahoo! Mail - Get your own free Yahoo! e-mail address and use it any time you need to provide an e-mail address that might get shared (unless you really want more junk e-mail).

Microsoft Knowledge Base - Troubleshoot your Microsoft product.

Rand McNally - Get directions, get a map, plan a road trip.

Merriam-Webster - When in doubt, look it up. - When you need a word, but not exactly that word.

Area Code Lookup & Maps - Search for it or look it up on a map, including printable PDF.

Zip Code Lookup - Several ways to find the Zip code you need.