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This is the take-off page for personal sites I have developed, online photo albums and home videos I have created. I also have a list of useful and fun links. I hope you enjoy.

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Sites for All 

Photography - Photos I have placed online for viewing and for purchase.

Two Senses - My first ever online photo album, designed and coded by me, including a story about my first backpacking (mis)adventure (with sound clips). Pics of jungle cats, landscapes, and train tunnel graffiti.

In Loving Memory - A site I helped my wife make to honor her close friend, Mischelle Johnson. Pictures and poems commemorate this wonderful young woman.

Wyoming Trip 2002 - A journal of our trip to western Wyoming, near and in the Wind River Range, as well as in Grand Teton National Park. If you are considering a trip out there, then by all means go. Links to pictures appear throughout the journal.

NJCAA Basketball National Championship 2004 - It's become a tradition to attend this event with my grandfather. It's about the most fun you can have in Hutchinson, KS, unless you're a major golf nut, and then it's Prairie Dunes Country Club. There are a couple of action shots from there, too.

Sites for All | Private Sites | Videos | Links

Private Sites 

If you are not a member of any of these groups, then these will not mean much to you. You're welcome to look if you want.

Heber Springs Class of 1989 Reunion - An online photo album and information await you.

AGS Class of 1990 Reunion - An online photo album for those who returned to Conway for the Arkansas Governor's School Reunion.

J.A. Fair High Class of 1991 Reunion - A collection of photos from the three events that momentous weekend.

Sites for All | Private Sites | Videos | Links


See videos I made or helped make on my personal channel and one I share with my brother

My Personal YouTube Channel - I post sporadically.

WillBros - Where my brother and I (mostly him now that I moved) post mountain biking videos.

Sites for All | Private Sites | Videos | Links


Various places to find information for business or leisure.

Google - Search the Web here.

Internet Movie Database - It lists current, past, and upcoming releases. Find who was in a movie, who directed it, goofs, quotes, and other trivia.

Babelfish Language Translator - Type or paste in a word or phrase, and Babelfish translates it to your chosen language.

HowStuffWorks - Wonder how something works? Whether it's science, automotive, home, or office, you probably will find it here.

Yahoo! Mail - Get your own free Yahoo! e-mail address and use it any time you need to provide an e-mail address that might get shared (unless you really want more junk e-mail).

Microsoft Knowledge Base - Troubleshoot your Microsoft product.

Rand McNally - Get directions, get a map, plan a road trip.

Merriam-Webster - When in doubt, look it up. - When you need a word, but not exactly that word.

Area Code Lookup & Maps - Search for it or look it up on a map, including printable PDF.

Zip Code Lookup - Several ways to find the Zip code you need.