You can contribute to this site.
Our Time Capsule
- If you know where we buried our time capsule, please let me or someone else in our class know. This isn't a joke. We really don't know where it is.

The 10-Year Reunion Pictures
- Here are the pictures that started this site. Just choose an area and click.

The Family Activity
A Diversion
That Night

Melony's Pics
- Non-reunion pictures submitted by classmate Melony (Decker) Hoffman. Go there now!

What is This?
- This started with some pictures I had from the Reunion on June 5, 1999. Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures that night, but luckily some of you decided to send some my way. Now it has grown into a photo album for our class. I will spend more time making this more like a real photo album, once we get settled into our new home.

How Can I Contribute?
- If you have pictures or information you would like to contribute, email a description to me at and I'll contact you. I don't want to invite everyone to start emailing huge image files, as that could fill my box. If you know someone who has some pictures, tell them they can send them my way via snail mail, but my address has changed since the reunion. Ask me and I'll send it to you.
- Mark Williams