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Pix of big cats, small flowers, and huge sunsets (desktop wallpaper included)

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Page on hiking, with pictures and sounds from my own adventures

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Here are some links to places of interest.

Tim's photography is inspiring, his journal is a great diversion, and this is the place to buy high-quality prints, books, calendars, and more of his work.

Ozark Highlands Trail Association
Sign up for guided overnight hikes (most free), find a hiking partner, and lots of other things for hikers and campers. This isn't for folks who want someone else to carry their gear.
an online community of people improving their photographic skills, with equipment reviews and much more; see some of Philip Greenspun's incredible photography

Internet Movie Database
Movie fans can spend hours here, with trivia, cast facts, goofs, and more

Software download junkies go here for freeware

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